Who We Are

A group of innovators based in Malaysia on a mission to bridge the gap between crypto and the regulated market, by delivering secure and sustainable solutions for digital asset adoption, for a more sensible world.


Suhanna Husein


Having been a Technologist for over a decade, Suhanna evaluated new technologies for the energy industry to adopt, which led her to studying blockchain use cases for several years before founding CoKeeps with Azri.

"Digitalisation began roughly 70 years ago and we have been talking about digital finance for almost 20 years now, but many processes behind it are still frustratingly manual. I blame it on the lack of a long term mindset in terms of infrastructure and governance. The sustainability of the adoption is mainly considered when we onboard clients, rather than merely offering financial services through our custody, as we also believe that not everything needs to be on blockchain. Our deep understanding of cryptography and blockchain technology with its intricacies allows us to make such distinctions in managing digital assets."

Azri Fadzil


Azri has been building softwares surrounding tracking systems and hardwares for the commodities and defense industries, which requires tamper proofing and various monitoring capabilities. Before CoKeeps, he was the CTO of a precious metals exchange company based in Singapore, building custodial solutions to address the problems surrounding the security, tracking and ownership of the physical precious metals on top of meeting various regulatory bodies requirement such as the Singapore Customs and Police Diraja Malaysia (PDRM).

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