Keeping you key to your keys


Digital Asset Management for Multiple Use Cases



Banks and Financial Services

Offer digital asset services to your clients, regardless if you are a large retail, corporate, private bank or a fast growing fintech business.

Custodians and Trustees

Expand your traditional custody expertise by providing digital asset management services.

Regulated Crypto Exchanges

Trading and securing custody of digital assets for your signers where they are in control of their own credentials for regulated cryptocurrencies.



Fund Managers

Gain exposure to the preferred alternative asset class and diversify your clients portfolio.

Market Operators

Tokenization services provided by CoKeeps to help you conduct fundraising activities.

Sophisticated Investors

Double up your security with personalized custodian offerings for your long term holdings.


Built for Managed Self Custody, utilized as your organization needs

Decentralized Security
None of our authentication systems rely upon centralized servers that typically store usernames and passwords

Self Managed Identity
Each user is recognized independetly within an organization and controls their own DNS based usernames

Use Case Driven API
Each customer is provided with their own dedicated API, which is matched to their specific needs

Private Keys On Demand

Losing your private keys is similar to losing your assets.
Remove this single point of failure within your organisation.

Manage your private keys safely by not having to store them anywhere.
Simply recreate them on demand as and when they are needed.

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